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Hãng sản xuất: VIMAR


Bảo hành: 02 năm

Dòng sản phẩm: EIKON EVO

Eikon Evo

A celebration of sculptural beauty, exquisite finishing and functional elegance. 

Transmitting unprecedented charisma and allure to any room.


An impeccable silhouette, lighty wafer-thin, protruding only millimetres from the wall thanks also to its axial controls. Seen in profile, Eikon Evo offers as subtly fascinating and impalpable presence, in tune with current interior design trends. An aery lighting command-point with a strangely suspended effect. The design created for Eikon Evo in aluminium, wood and Corian (R) creates an elusive sense of detachment from eventual imperfections in the wall, conjuring up a floating sensation that hightlights the finest materials and their finishing.

**MAJESTIC geometries

Forms designed to make their mark, dimensions with a delicate presence on the walls: Eikon Evo projects a sophisticated but confident image: a perfect synthesis of Vimar's aesthetic principles. A switch plate that exalts the quality of its materials and their finishing.

***ORIGINAL materials

Eight different approaches to being, living and expressing luxury. Eikon Evo's stylistic options take their inspiration from the latest interior design approaches, distilling their essences and interpreting them in original and personal ways through unusual combinations of materials, colours and finishes. Offering you choices on who to be and how to appear.


With their innate stylishness and unfailing allure, they triumph by projecting unpredictable kinds of sobriety.

Presences at once discreet and prestigious, lines both tasteful and confidently defined. These are the five different shades of anodized aluminium.

Eikon Evo Primari


Hightly original appearances, noble personalities, irresistible appeal.

Rare and  therefore precious temperaments: the five declensions of enhanced aluminium need only one glance to assert their priceless values.

Eikon Evo Esclusivi


Strong and determined, they reveal themselves in all their solemn physicality.

Rigorous by nature, they prefer bold cuts without compromising their richness and refinement.

These are the three basic charater traits of worked stone.

Eikon Evo Scolpiti


Natural wood projects vitality and immediately transmits a pleasurerable sensation of calm and warmth.

Simple natural qualities that permeate their appearance... always uniquely unrepeatable... the triple essences of solid wood.

Eikon Evo Naturali


Imbued with mysterious energy, crystal exerts a spell of purity and splendour like nothing else.

Wrapped inside its luminous and delicate appearnce lies unequalled vigour and strength.

These are the essential features of all seven of the different treatments used on crystal.

Eikon Evo Luminosi


Pure appeal. The delicate harmonious shapes highlight the marrigae of sophistication with genuine naturalness.

A beauty with a life of its own, immune to passing time, is evident in both these varieties of leather.

Eikon Evo Rafinati



An eclectic personality with the ability to enhance any room by its mere presence.

The embodiment of high performance, innovation and intrinsic strength, this is a material that seduces through shining colours

which signal its cutting-edge hi-tech content.

Eikon Evo Speciali


Like day and night: opposite but inseparable extremes, differently but matchingly absolute.

In perfect equilibrium with their surroundings, they generate clean and clear harmonies.

There are four such partnerships between aluminium with crystal: a quartet of elegant variations on a universal theme.

Eikon Evo Essenziali