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Hãng sản xuất: VIMAR


Bảo hành: 02 năm

Dòng sản phẩm: EIKON CHROME

Eikon Chrome

A new definition of style where detail is supreme.

Distinction with discretion.


* RECOGNISABLE at a glance.

Beauty can be transmitted from a detail. Like the smooth and shiny chrome-plated frame that surrounds Eikon Chrome's buttons and commands. A distinguishing element that provides a touch of pure class.


* PERFECT in two shapes.

Austere symmetrical lines or smoothly rounded edges? Eikon Chrome offers both possibilities through its Classic and Round design lines. Two ways of being and appearing, each with its own particular materials and finishes selected to fit the different shapes like a glove.


* ECECTIC in materials.

Its materials are multiplied by five, the colours expressing the most varied lifestyles with extraordinary precision: Eikon Chrome's versatility never loses touch with impeccable formal elegance. Thanks to the chromed frame and its innate gift for sophistication.


Tens colours, both for the strict shapes of Classic and for the shiny curves of Round.

Projecting personality onto a room with the assertiveness of simplicity and the reliability of metal painted with ecological paints.

Eikon Chrome - BrightEikon Chrome - Bright round


Seven different switch plate variants, both matt and shiny, match any style of furnishing.

Nobility of charater and immediacy, evoking an unmistakable feature: sheer excellence.

Eikon Chrome - Refined


The warmth of the best woods slips easily into modernity, being a material with a versatile temperament:

three different shades both for the formal rigour of Classic and the rounded lines of Round.

Eikon Chrome - Wood


The icy perfection of steel is expressed two versions where only the shape changes. 

Natural brushed steel is the material for both Classic and Round, projecting a brightly uncompromising personality.

Eikon Chrome - Inox


An image of sophisticated descretion: exclusive procedures produce the fire-shaped crystal in the Classic style.

In three traditional colour variations: black, white and silver. But the class of glass is simply evergreen.

Eikon Chrome - Glass