Lighting control

Lighting is an essential part of any Smart Home

So often over looked during the early stages of building or renovating, the right lighting system can transform any room into something with a huge “wow factor” as well as providing many practical benefits.

 A centralised lighting system means you can control any light from any room.

You also can set the lighting scenario for each areas or base on your real family activities, for example: with the "sleep mode", just one button near beside your bed can switch off all the lights in the house. Or in the case of connecting to the security system, all the lights will come on if the alarm is activated.

Additionally, you can control the brightness of lights in every areas following the scenario or outside condition to help you save the power consumption and living cost.

We can design a complete lighting solution tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s a single open plan living area or a whole house solution we can recommend the best fittings, low energy options, circuit layouts, keypad positions and wiring requirements to ensure your lighting solution is right for you.